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St Albans 5 Star Boot Camp

St Albans 5 Star Boot Camps was created out of frustration by personal trainer and fat loss coach Barrie Johnston. Frustrated at the poor results the gym environment was generating for members Barrie took his expertise and created an exercise and diet system that delivered results time and time again. The eureka moment for Barrie was realising that results increased even further when coaching in groups and not just individuals. Clients would consistently lose 14 pounds of fat in just 4 weeks with a massive jump in their health and fitness too!
Are you frustrated with constantly being on a diet and getting nowhere? Lacking in energy, exhausted by the end of the day? Not happy with the clothes size you have to buy or unhappy with the reflection in the mirror?
At St Albans 5 Star Bootcamps we are so confident of our exercise and diet system that we offer a full 100% money back guarantee! If you attend Bootcamp and follow the Boot camp Bible Diet and don’t drop a clothes size in 28 days we will refund your money guaranteed. Why not get the body you deserve? Why not have too much energy? Sound crazy? We guarantee it!…
“For years i was getting good results with clients who wanted to drop the pounds and inches but found that we’d get so far then struggle with those last few pounds take you from looking good to turning heads. I realised that the current methods of dieting which usually involve being hungry and spending a lot of time being bored on cardio machines was not getting the results we needed. After spending a lot of time and money studying with some of the country’s leading health and nutrition experts i had a eureka moment; focus on health, not weight loss. When i started focusing on improving my clients health through nutrition and lifestyle analysis the results were astonishing. People who had struggled with weight loss their entire lives dropped weight as quickly as their energy and fitness level went up. I’ve now taken all my knowledge and experience and launched St Albans 5 Star Bootcamps” – Barrie Johnston

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